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Secretarial Service


High quality confidential secretarial transcription without compromising on quality

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Having a Dictasol secretary type your audio file for you is the perfect cost effective way to get your files transcribed. Our secretarial service is a more resourceful way to produce those essential documents.

We provide you with a specialist secretary for your field.

Their efficiency and background knowledge can only lead to success. Dictasol secretaries will help increase productivity and increase organisation. You will gain control and will acquire specialised skills to help your business thrive.

Our secretaries are part of a young fresh and dynamic team who are fluent in English. Efficiency and confidentiality are fundamental values that have made Dictasol transcription service a popular choice amongst our clients.

We offer secretarial solutions on many different service level agreements and serve a variety of different companies ranging from the legal and healthcare sectors to the creative world of publishing. Closer Look


Virtual Demo

Virtual Demo

Virtual Demo

In the office (Legal)- A demonstration to show how Dictapro can help the workflow in office environment.

On the move (Legal) - A demonstration to illustrate how Dictapro can be used whilst out of the office using your mobile/PDA

In the Office (Medical) - Dictapro can be adapted to any office environment, even in hospitals

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