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Information Technology


Support, development and infrastructure development provide solutions to your I.T. problems

Dictapro I.T. Solution is the ideal choice for your projects that involve processes such as software development, enhancement, customisation, implementation, maintenance. We can offer you a custom built package to meet your required needs, whether it is for a one off project or multiple tasks.

information technology

search engine optimisation
web development
software development

Dictapro Solutions can help you to optimise your business opportunities by providing an organised and choice filled plan to meet all your requirements. Thus ensuring that you are in control every step of the process. With a comprehensive range of I.T. Solutions, support, maintenance and peace of mind are guaranteed.

Our specialist team will ensure that you receive the best possible service and outcome to your desired project. We are able to handle almost any I.T service at any stage of your project. An overview of our I.T services include:

dictasol  Software development
dictasol  Web development & Maintenance
dictasol  Search Engine Optimisation
dictasol  E-mail marketing
dictasol  E-business consultancy
dictasol  Web based research
dictasol  PowerPoint Presentations

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Whether you are buying/selling your property we are able to assist. Your needs are our focus. Efficiency is not compromised and you will not be faced with any unnecessary legal costs. A qualified senior Dictapro solicitor will be covering your case. Our aim is to increase transaction turnaround as well save you money.

Dictasol caters for all clients regardless of the size of your project. We have successfully assisted numerous commercial transactions including sales, purchases, assigning leases and much more.

With a very competitive costing structure and a friendly team of qualified solicitors Dictasol can provide a completely personalised service. Whether you require a residential or commercial solution we can help. Our solutions solicitors apply their extensive experience to ensure that your interests are protected.

Various legal issues regarding certain names, written and recorded media, and inventions are all covered in intellectual property(IP).

Copyrighting, Patents, Designs and Trade Marks are all IP. Dictasol can protect your IP by allowing you to manage how it is used and who uses it. This is determined by what you are protecting and how you will use it.

We can help you to arrange your IP protection as it gives you exclusive rights, thus making it easier to stop other people from using your intellectual property without your permission.

If you need further assistance and to get the best protection available, Dictasol can help.

Litigation today is becoming increasingly complex. Whilst respecting clients requests, the court and the opposing counsel, it is hard to balance when you add cost to this already tough equation.

All of our team are fully experienced in the legal field. A fully qualified senior solicitor monitors our experienced team.

We provide a comprehensive litigation management solution package that is both efficient and cost effective to meet the needs of lawyers that undertake litigation matters in all jurisdictions.

Some of our litigation solutions include:
dictasol  Data protocol development in accordance with Court Practice Notes
dictasol  Database development and management
dictasol  Appeal and Court book preparation
dictasol  Complete project management

Providing you with full litigation support as well as litigation solutions is our differentiator. We can provide a comprehensive litigation management solution for any type of litigation matter.
Dictasol appreciates the extremely repetitive tasks that litigation entails.

By allowing Dictasol to assist you with your litigation matter we can provide you with a premium source for electronic data discovery, document production, reproduction and delivery. We can also handle out of court depositions and in trial presentations.

We are experienced in the application of court practice. Dictasol is an experienced document management company, so we can adhere to almost any requests that you put to us.

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court practice appeal and court book preparation court practice complete project management
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