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secretarial solution  Secretarial Service

Dictasol specialise in legal transcription, but also transcribe for other sectors, including property and medical. We tend to work with Dictapro, our digital dictation software. Our software optimises the secretarial services that we can provide to you. Our transcription solution will improve your turnaround rates significantly, without compromising on quality.

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secretarial solution
Data Entry  Data Entry  

Databases are useful and can speed up search processes dramatically. However creating databases can be an arduous task. Our experienced data entry team are able to handle data in any form. Our tightly controlled I.T. environment guarantees that all data is secure and our data entry team are also bound by confidentiality agreements.


Data Entry
Copy Typing  Copy Typing  

Copy typing is a resourceful way to produce documents. Our copy typists have a vast amount of experience in handling all types of work so we can offer a fast accurate and confidential service to help you handle your workload. Our copy typing secretarial support covers all types of documents. This solution can also be used in conjunction with Dictapro, our digital dictation workflow software .


Copy Typing
Call Handling  Call Handling  

Communication is a key element of your company. Therefore it is vital that you have a professional call handling system in place. Dictasol can handle your call in a clear and professional manner giving your clients the service they deserve. Our call handling support functions covers a broad spectrum of requirements including outbound telesales, product support and full range of telephony services.


Call Handling
Professional Services  Professional Services  

Dictasol offers Knowledge Process Outsourcing for Legal solutions, including conveyancing and litigation matters. We also provide solutions to the medical, property and local government sectors. We are also able to manage your finance and accounts as advise and provide HR solutions.


Professional Services
Information Technology  Information Technology  

Our I.T specialists cover many areas including search engine optimisation, e-mail marketing, software development and creating PowerPoint presentations. E-commerce is becoming more prevalent in today’s market. Our I.T team are aware of this and are trained to ensure that all of your requirements are met. I.T support and maintenance are provided so peace of mind is guaranteed.

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Information Technology
Scanning   Scanning and Document management  

Scanning and Archiving are essential in the document management process. It allows you to store data for long periods of time. By combining our scanning and archiving service you can view all your flies instantly as well as increasing your office space by using out data storage facilities.

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Document Management
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